Building Green

Guardian Construction Management Services Inc. engages and incorporates environmentally responsible and sustainable building developments. Buildings present one of the best opportunities to economically reduce energy consumption and limit green house gases.

According to the EPA, Energy Star buildings use almost 40 percent less energy; emit 35 percent less carbon; have at least 2 percent greater occupancy and $2 per square foot higher rents; and sell for premiums as high as 30% over competing buildings.

We have incorporated Geothermal systems, Energy Star products, water conservation, recycled materials, Low VOC paints and adhesives that have enabled our projects to be registered and certified LEED® ( (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

We are proud to include in our project portfolio the Homestead Apartments Senior Housing Development. This LEED Silver certified project is a Green Building Alliance case study as it is the first two Affordable Housing LEED® – Silver projects in the nation. We are equally proud to have constructed, Dalton’s Edge Senior Housing Complex that incorporated the first Geothermal Loop System nationally also with a goal of LEED Silver. As energy prices continue to rise, energy efficient techniques and practices are essential components for successful and sustainable construction.


Century Building – LEED Gold; Pittsburgh (1st in the region)

Homestead Apartments:  Towers A and B – LEED Silver; Homestead

Boys & Girls Club Youth Enterprise Zone – LEED Silver; Lawrenceville


Dalton’s Edge; Tarentum

Century Building; Pittsburgh

Fraser Hall; Turtle Creek