Construction Management

What is Construction Management?

Construction Management provides exceptional value for the client. Hired early in the project, the Construction Manager works closely with the Owner and the Architect/Engineer, and manages their team effort to maximize the chances for cost reduction. The Construction Manager’s extensive knowledge of cost-effective labor, specialty subcontractors, suppliers, materials, and construction technology often leads to the proposal of design and construction alternatives that reduce project costs and facilitates adherence to schedule. The Construction Manager provides preliminary & revised budgets, maintains a comprehensive overview of the project, coordinates material and equipment purchases, and supervises the work of all subcontractors to ensure quality. The oversight of the Construction Manager minimizes the time expended by the Owner and Architect.

Construction Management vs. General Contractor

Construction Management

  • Coordinates and supervises the construction process from conceptual development stage through final construction
  • Works with Owners, Engineers, Architects and others involved in the construction process
  • Oversees the planning, scheduling, and implementation of designs
  • Proposes low-cost alternatives to stay within budget
  • Determines the best way to get materials to the building site and the most cost effective plan and schedule for completing the project
  • Avoids delays, changes and disputes
  • Has the ability to Fast Track
  • Uses an Open Book approach
  • Better Risk Management

General Contractor

  • Hired after the design phase
  • Selected based upon low bid
  • Contract determines schedule & budget for labor and materials
  • Change orders and unexpected cost overruns common