Cannon USA


Cannon USA Building Addition — The project includes the addition of two new Butler Manufacturing Pre-engineered Metal Buildings totaling over 26,000 square feet. One new warehouse space will house a new 10 ton overhead crane used for shipping and receiving. The other building has been designed to allow the 10 Ton crane from the existing building to traverse into the new building. Cannon USA has also decided to introduce natural daylight into the building by having 43 SUNLITE STRIP Prismatic Skylights installed into the Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof System. Cannon USA will now be able to reduce lighting costs by harvesting the free natural light provided by Mother Nature.

Cannon USA - Guardian Construction Project

Cranberry Township, PA

Project Highlights
– Standing Seam Roof (MR24)
– (2) Additions of PEMB totaling 25,000 sf
– 10-ton existing crane to enter new addition 120’ 
– New 10-ton crane with 58’ span truss purlin building

– Thermawall Fluted Panels by Butler
– Renovation of 2nd floor existing offices while erecting the additions

Design Partners
Boyd B. Anastas Architect


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